Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson, Healing teacher and Practitioner

My name is Jamie Johnson. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in counseling psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In the past, I volunteered as a rape crises counselor and currently I volunteer at Healthcare Alternative Services intensive inpatient unit and facilitate group therapy there. I begin my official internship in Fall of 2021.

Currently, I am working at the Crystal Healing Studio and I absolutely love it! I have utilized crystal healing for years and I am very passionate about the stones and the various types of ways to utilize intention and the vibration within them to promote holistic health and well-being. I hope that once I get my counseling degree that I can combine the psychological theories, best practices, and aspects of healing with a more spiritual approach to give my clients more tools to utilize if they wish to do so. Overall, I am very existentially orientated and believe that how an individual forms meaning makes a huge impact on how they perceive their reality.

I also teach spiritual classes at Awakening – Mind, Body, & Soul including, Full Moon ceremonies, New Moon ceremonies, Using Self-Healing to get through a Breakup, and Sexual Positivity. I love teaching and empowering people.

I am also very passionate about my anti-racist ally work that I do and want to continue expanding my awareness, advocating for marginalized and oppressed populations, and pushing for social justice. I truly believe that it is essential to use my white privilege to speak up against the injustices in our society.

I am a very passionate, compassionate woman who always seeks to learn how to hold space for people in her life and I would love the opportunity to work with you!