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Tarot serves as a guiding force, providing reassurance and unveiling the potential pathways that lie ahead. Unlike a GPS directing you to a final destination, or a set of rigid instructions, Tarot is more like a window into the intricate dance of universal energies and the depths of your own unconscious mind. It doesn’t dictate your course but offers a profound insight into the forces shaping your life.

Consider Tarot as a powerful tool that illuminates possibilities, leaving the interpretation and decisions in your hands. It’s a mirror reflecting the energies surrounding you, empowering you to make informed choices and navigate the currents of your journey. In the realm of Tarot, the wisdom lies not only in the cards but in your own intuitive understanding, making it a dynamic and personalized tool for self-discovery and empowerment.

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Lea Powers

My name is Lea Powers, pronounced Lee. I am currently in graduate school to attain my Masters in Clinical Mental Health. I am a tarot and oracle card reader, meditation leader, and dabble in the realm of crystals, spiritually and astrology. Ihave been reading tarot for 2 and a half years as of June 2023.
I feel as though with practice, my tarot and intuitive skills have become heightened over time. Tarot tends to tell a story of what you may need to learn about your life, the more open the individual being read is, the more accurate this story will be. Allow yourself to see what message the universe has to share with you.

Tarot Reading Prices

15-minute reading $27.77

20-minute reading $32.22

30-minute reading $43.33

What To Expect

In each reading, the Tarot reader skillfully selects cards, the number of which varies depending on the chosen reading. The reader meticulously interprets each card, delving into its significance, highlighting overarching themes, and sharing any intuitive insights received during the process. The aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding, ensuring the reading resonates and addressing any questions that may arise.

Following the Tarot card analysis, the reader takes it a step further by pulling an oracle card. This additional layer enhances the reading, offering a unique perspective or guiding message that complements and enriches the insights gained from the Tarot cards. It adds an extra dimension to the reading, creating a holistic and personalized experience for the individual seeking guidance.




Please do not take any photos or videos of the reader, voice recordings are okay.


Please do not ask about any other individual besides yourself. The reader feels better accuracy when working with only the energy of individual in the room.


Photos of the reading are allowed at the end of the session.

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